Lightning and Electromagnetic Risk Manager

Sneak peak our journey in last few years


In 7 years of our establishments, we have engaged in various project within scope of lightning, electromagnetic interference, fire incident, system trip incidence and grounding assessment. We have complete these projects.


Electromagnetic interference on site observation & measurement at Refinery & Petrochemical Integrated Complex during EPCC
Electromagnetic risk management including document review, site observation & measurement at biggest oil & gas platform 2022
Study on the non conventional air termination system through document review, modelling and simulation
Study on effect of electromagnetic interference through cable to cable interaction
Development of desktop application using algorithm which improve the electromagnetic interference risk management
Electrical engineer
Electromagnetic interference site observation and measurement at oil & gas refinery plant
Study on the effect of earth termination system optimum configuration for protection against lightning and EM interference using modelling & simulation
Modelling & simulation of the lightning protection system for oil & gas refinery plant

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