Lightning and Electromagnetic Risk Manager


During our field measurement activities, we focused on assessing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in commercial and industrial facilities. Our EMC measurements aimed to gauge the electromagnetic environment surrounding these structures, providing essential data to understand potential lightning-related risks. These measurements will enable our client, the lightning protection company, to offer tailored solutions and recommendations to mitigate EMC-related vulnerabilities in the target market segment

We have conducted various assessment activity
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Measurements:
    Measure and analyze electromagnetic fields to assess EMC levels within the facility.

  • Site Observations:
    Conduct on-site inspections to identify potential lightning-related risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Lightning Protection System (LPS) Assessment:
    Evaluate the effectiveness and adequacy of existing lightning protection systems or identify the need for installation.

  • Cable Assessment:
    Inspect and assess the condition and adequacy of lightning protection system cables.

  • Soil Assessment:
    Analyze the soil composition to determine its conductivity, which is crucial for grounding systems.

  • Grounding Assessment:
    Examine the grounding systems in place to ensure they meet safety standards and adequately disperse lightning energy.

  • Equipment Assessment:
    Evaluate the condition and suitability of electronic equipment and systems that could be affected by lightning-induced surges.

  • Environment Source Survey:
    Identify environmental factors, such as nearby tall structures or geographical features, that may contribute to lightning-related risks.

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