Lightning and Electromagnetic Risk Manager

We provide solutions to protect your asset from lightning and electromagnetic interference risk management

We help to protect the life of your people, organization and asset

Our specialized services are meticulously designed to address the critical needs of various industries, focusing on enhancing the resilience of assets, facilities, systems, and essential installations against the formidable challenges posed by lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference. Smart E Life Solutions primary mission is to mitigate the potential for unplanned plant shutdowns, which not only disrupt operations but also lead to substantial financial losses, often amounting to millions of dollars in production downtime.

We are dedicated to elevating the overall safety of your systems by providing comprehensive protection against electromagnetic and lightning-related incidents. This encompasses safeguarding your operations against potential disasters such as fires and explosions. With our expertise, we ensure that your industrial infrastructure remains robust, resilient, and reliable, even in the face of nature’s most powerful forces, fostering continuity, profitability, and peace of mind for your organization.

By implementing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, we offer tailored solutions that fortify your industrial assets and critical systems, minimizing vulnerabilities and enhancing operational efficiency. Our services provide a comprehensive shield against unforeseen disruptions, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted production, safeguarding both your investments and workforce.


Lightning and
Electromagnetic Interference risk management

On-site live measurement
(system shutdown is not required)

Grounding System
Assessment Management

AI based solutions for Lightning and
Electromagnetic Interference risk management


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